canoe trips

Canoe Trips


Paddle the Bloodvein, Berens, Gammon, and Pigeon rivers. Slip quietly along the shores of lakes in Atikaki ( a Saulteaux-Ojibwe word which translates as “land of the Caribou”), Nopiming and Woodland Caribou provincial parks. Explore the passages of early traders and migrant natives of long ago. A short flight from our base in Bissett will put you into miles of pristine river systems. Read the stories left by our ancestors etched in the rock cliffs along the way. After a day of paddling, enjoy an evening around the campfire while being serenaded by the haunting song of the loons. You can choose to fly one-way and canoe out to road access, or we’ll arrange a pick-up time and place that is comfortable for your groups travelling pace. Flying from Bissett offers great opportunity to canoe Manitoba’s remote rivers.


Designated one of Canada’s heritage rivers, the Bloodvein River starts near Red Lake, Ontario in Woodland Caribou Provincial park and flows through Atikaki Provincial park to lake Winnipeg. Accessible only by floatplane or canoe, it offers 306 km of unspoiled waterways with a variety of paddling from white water rapids to quiet marshes and small lakes. Ancient pictographs on Artery Lake, dated 900-1200 A.D. are nationally known for their size and integrity. This river offers varied waterways, good portages and camping sites, unspoiled wilderness, and a vast amount of history. We now offer a vehicle shuttle service to the Bloodvein village as a more cost effective egress option for Bloodvein paddlers. Contact us for more information.

The Gammon River flows from Ontario’s Woodland Caribou Park to Aikens Lake. It is a quiet river, good for beginners with beautiful scenery, good fishing, ample campsites and abundant wildlife.


The Pigeon River is 125km long starting at Family Lake and flowing into Lake Winnipeg. It starts off with exciting rapids and fast moving water that gives way to flat water paddling after Wendigo Lake. It is a short but wild ride for those with a bit more canoeing experience.


The Berens River starts in Northern Ontario at Berens Lake and runs through to Lake Winnipeg. For a shorter trip paddlers sometimes choose to fly into Family or Fishing Lakes, or Night Owl Lake which is just west of Family Lake.

Access the remote waterways of Manitoba via float plane from Bissett.

Our otters are certified to carry two canoes.

Whether you have a group of two or a large group call us for trip options.

Vehicle shuttle to the Bloodvein village is now also available.

We are strictly a charter service, no rentals available but call us for contact info for outfitters and supplies.